Maia Movement

Being your own expert!

Juli May & Maggie May

I am Juli May

I wake up each day comfortable, pain free, ready to be awake & moving, grounded, energetic... loving life.

I am 42, at 34 I was an exhausted painful, smelly, sleep deprived, brittle person who was not functioning as a healthy human being.

I was pushing through, struggling to breathe, starving hungry, unsatisfied & sensitive to my refrigerator, tv, phone, computer, car & house... I crashed, they said medication for the rest of my life.

I said no, that doesn't work for me, so without medication, no diet changes, no long term supplement use, no exercising...

Here I am.

The Bliss of Thoughtless Breath

"Grandmothersphere" music by East Forest.

I found this song after I had the most wonderful Maia Movement session where I discovered the rhythm of nature, in the jellyfish, expressed in our breath.

Maia Movement is about letting go of control, being universal flow. There becomes no need to seek healing or take time to refill your tank.

The Space of Emptiness

Maia - the goddess of spring, whose energy we know is within us... Maia Movement is about being the internal environment that nourishes the new growth.

Eckhart says it well... but

I love listening to Eckhart, he says that which cannot be spoken really well, and he says that which I felt in Maia Movement, before I had listened to him.

Our consciousness has formed & flows through our physical being, where there is tension the flow is reduced & the corresponding emotion or psychological state is kept active.

What is Maia Movement?

Maia Movement is accepting the physical human body as why we can have experiences here on earth.

It is feeling how our emotional-psychological-spiritual aspects impact our physical, and how our physical empowers, or contains our emotional-psychological-spiritual aspects​. 

Knowing that our physical-emotional-psychological-spiritual aspects work perfectly thoughtlessly together to keep us safe, and manifest our greatest desires effortlessly.

Our aspects are dynamically integrated... and our mind is not designed to comprehend all that is needed to be healthy & well on all levels.

When our mind is turned to creating something better of ourselves (living in the future), we create new limits whilst simultaneously ignoring the lessons wrapped up in the physical limits, or subconscious muscle tension (created in the past).

When we feel our subconscious muscle tension with compassion, and allow it to express, we are able to unravel these tissues, and release the energy that is stored in this limit.

We discover more of ourselves, we have effortless strength, balanced energy and a thoughtless, complete and natural breath. 

Maia Movement is guided observation, and this thought heavy approach is how we start, it suits the way we have learned to learn. To be confused is good, it shows you are not going with what you have learnt to do, you are attempting to let go of what is outside that box.

The Space of Emptiness is our zero point, the place where we are being our true potential, our innate intelligence free to direct us through a response-able muscular system. We are each a unique individual universe, moving within the universe and home to each universe within our system.

Releasing the physical limitations and restrictions that caused ill health & exhaustion is a principle. Living well without limitations and restrictions means that you live without limitations and restrictions. You start to welcome all that is available to you, as it is all relevant to our adventures here on Earth.

"I can only remind you what you are capable of. Your power is being responsible for remembering your innate intelligence within yourself" Juli

Observing your physicality of being human...
Your body both the expression (past) & underlying functional motion (future) of how you experience living...
Embodying presence is the point where the past is bought from oblivion, honored and your future is now under the influence of your present vibration...

How does Maia Movement help?

We create space physically, which, on principle creates space emotionally-psychologically-spiritually.

Who are these courses for?

Anyone... the effortlessness of being human is the right of each of us, in each moment, (it should) require no training, practice or time. However we have our physical years of habits to unravel... and our genetic/ancestral habits too... but once you are on the path of unravelling, you cannot go back to holding on!

People living under a life long label, identity or diagnosis who want to get their freedom & unique identity back.

Anyone who needs to go & do anything to feel better, make it through, cope with life...

Anyone who feels unbalanced physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually... Maia Movement is being effortlessly grounded.

Anyone who is relying on or dependent on any external product or concept to function or feel better... what happens if you can't access this thing?

People who are frustrated with the repetition of finding the new best product, technique, practice, superfood, medicine, healing treatment, healer, therapist...

I have been teaching my massage clients since 2014 & small groups since 2016







Honest expression

Core Strength - BONES

Complete & Natural Breath

Nervous system harmony

Organ systems integrated

Dynamic balance

Unique alignment